Our People

Here is what some of our talented employees had to say about why they are passionate about working at PMI.

  • Culture

    "PMI’s culture really attracts me and makes me passionate. I can see the trustworthiness in the daily work and it makes me contribute myself without hesitation." -Charles

    Favorite PMI Product: The Stanley one-handed vacuum mug.

  • Dedication

    "I enjoy working alongside some of the most creative and talented people in the industry, who are incredibly passionate about their work. I have been at PMI for nearly 8 years, and I love coming to work with such a dedicated team each day, composed of individuals who are deeply committed to making a difference in the lives of consumers. PMI has supported my professional growth since the very beginning, and I have been able to build a career here that is fulfilling and challenging and aligned with my personal and professional goals."

    Favorite PMI Product: The Starbucks Lucy Tumbler...it is functional and beautiful, and timeless.

  • Growth

    "I am happy to see myself and Shanghai Team grow with the company together." -Maggie

    Favorite PMI Product: The Migo Enjoy Flask.

  • People

    "The people, the people, the people, we also have awesome products that are imagined, created and produced by amazing individuals. Who couldn’t be proud and passionate about that!" -Dolores

    Favorite PMI Product: The Murphy Tumbler.

  • Work/Life Balance

    "Having started a family while at PMI, I love love love how welcomed and involved my husband and son have been into the PMI family. Our families at PMI are celebrated rather than treated as obstacles. That’s huge and important for me."

    Favorite PMI Product: Oh, it’s so hard to say…from the Stanley Classic 1.4qt that I carry fresh juice in to the Aladdin Collapsible Bowls I use to store baby food and pack lunch (usually leftovers) and finally the Stanley Classic One-handed Vacuum Mug for hot coffee all morning and ice cold cocktails at festivals all day.

  • Entreprenurial Spirit

    "There are a few reasons why I tap dance to work. I appreciate that PMI allows me the freedom and independence to succeed and fail and learn from both experiences. The company has an entrepreneurial spirit which fits well with my personal inclination to try new things. I also value the way PMI treats its employees as individuals and truly cares for their wellbeing, both personally and professionally." -Tim

    Favorite PMI Product: I either use the Aladdin Tiffin Lunch Set or a Stanley Classic food jar to bring my lunch to work.

  • Well Designed Products

    "I love our products. They are well designed, fun, fashionable, and functional. It is amazing how a great travel mug or water bottle can really make someone’s day." -Tara

    Favorite PMI Product: I am a big fan of the To-Go Tumbler. I always have one filled with water on my nightstand!

  • Opportunities

    "PMI is really paying attention to employee’s thoughts and inspiring employee’s creativity on each position by providing enough space." -Conny

    Favorite PMI Product: I prefer all Migo's products as my babies!

  • Working with Friends

    "I love the people at PMI. Most days I feel like I am working with friends and not just coworkers. I appreciate all of the events PMI hosts outside of work hours to help foster the employee relationships."

    Favorite PMI Product: From Stanley I love the One-Handed Vacuum Mug, and from Aladdin I love the 20oz Mason Jar.

  • Teamwork

    "I love the team feeling and the people! Makes me feel good to know I work for a company that is ethical." -Thomas

    Favorite PMI Product: The Stanley One-Handed Vacuum Mug. Keeps my coffee hot and my water cold!

  • Appreciation

    "I am really engage in working with PMI because I know my hard work will pay off in the future. PMI offers a lot of growth & learning opportunities and rewarding career at the same time. They never failed to give the recognition back to their employees and that’s a great feeling knowing that we are valued and appreciated." -Diana

    Favorite PMI Product: I love all PMI products because I’m very certain that they are made up of quality, so stylish and comfortable to use.

  • Global Culture

    "Having just come back from visiting PMI Shanghai and PMI Manila, I am reminded once again just how awesome PMI’s culture is and how it permeates through all our offices. We work with so many smart, driven people, who are vested in the success of the Company. At the same time, we know how to have fun and support each other. I love this and it makes me want to be a better coworker to those I work with."

    Favorite PMI Product: The Stanley 1.1 Classic bottle in hammer tone green. It’s such an iconic item and I use it almost every morning to keep my French press coffee hot.

  • Our Products

    "I like our products, they are more like my kids, and I enjoy the whole process to see what they are coming from a sketch to a perfect functional one." -Kitty

    Favorite PMI Product: The Columbia Outdoor Mug.

  • Constant Evolution

    "The people and our underlying pursuit of constant evolution; it seems like everyone is focused on making ‘it’ - whether it’s product, processes or results – better." -Tyler

    Favorite PMI Product: The Stanley Vacuum Insulated water bottle – cold water all day long.

  • Cultural Exposure

    "I love the diversity and cultural exposure plus learnings of working in partnership with distributors and colleagues from over 20 different countries." -Luis

    Favorite PMI Product: It has to be the Aladdin Flip & Sip vacuum mug. It goes with me in my car everywhere carrying my favourite Café Latte.

  • Fun

    "I just love this company. I love the people and they have been my second family. I like the thought that everyone are welcome to share ideas. Plus of course, the perks and the benefits. Having the opportunity to go abroad and meet a lot of people was a great experience for me. Fun/work… need I say more?" -Sherrizah

    Favorite PMI Product: The perfect water bottle is perfect for me. It has been my favorite ever since, because unlike the other more complicated ones, this product is so handy. Easy to use, easy to clean and very effective when it comes keeping stuff cold.

  • Cool Products

    "I’m passionate about the people and the cool products we produce. I use them everyday, even on my bike." -Karl

    Favorite PMI Product: The Stanley Nineteen13 eCycle mug, because it’s light, recycled and recyclable, and fits perfectly in my bike cage.